Natural Dehydrated Vegetables Pvt. Ltd.

Quality Control

We have upgraded our facility by Installing three fully Automatic colour sorter to make Optical Colour Sorting to maintain the hygiene product and achieve more superior quality product without impurities. We continue to strive for upgrading with R&D facility and introduce the advanced day to day technology improvements to achieve the best in end product quality, which facilitates uniform quality and availability of large quantity for shipment. Quality at our organization implies producing safe and hygiene food products by adopting environment friendly manufacturing process which preserves natural ingredients. Quality of a product is always gained by the combination of several important factors from procuring the right Raw material, Storing, Packing of Finished Products, Storing of the Finished Goods and Dispatch for which we pay special attention to these factors adopting Good Manufacturing Practice [GMP]. Our In-House laboratory has facility for analysing the Physical, Chemical and Microbiological parameters installed with latest technology equipment such as The Laminar Floor, Microscope, Colony Counter, Autoclave, PH Meters, Distillation Plant etc. which are the utmost requirement of a food processing unit. We also provide third party certification such as SGS, GEO-CHEM or any other reliable agency of customer.